Episode 8: America’s obsession with Halls of Fame

Episode 7: A new way to measure time

Episode 6: The wave and smile test

Episode 4: If teams got updated names to reflect their city’s current industry

Episode 5: Belated birthday grab bag

Episode 3: Time traveling machine

Episode 2: Cities named after other cities in different countries

Episode 1: Talking about GPSes on Blue Ridge Parkway

I created a Kickstarter project and project video, I won’t get into details about the project but you can read about it here: http://kck.st/YWzd8f because I’d like to give some commentary about the making of this video.

  1. I recorded this on my telephone because we couldn’t find my roommates camera charger. Consequently, I had to make a rig from my tripod to be able to hold my telephone securely. Semi-securely. More securely than the paper holder to hold the paper, apparently.
  2. I’d been procrastinating on this project for a six months or so, and I finally decided I need to get this done. Which is why I didn’t wait for my roommates to get home from work to film the video. Plus it was finally a nice day out after overcast skies the day before. I just didn’t anticipate the wind.
  3. Since my phone’s full of photos of Ego, I didn’t have too much space left, so I’d give myself about three takes each scene and I’d have to deal with it.
  4. Then, of course, it rained the next day. In Madison Square Park, I set up my tripod, began recording and a guy who works at Shake Shack yelled out, “That’s real cute, man!” and I gave him a head nod.
  5. That day was also a disaster.
  6. I took the 6 train home, but stayed for the loop at the Brooklyn Bridge station. I suppose it’s kind of strange to see someone set up a tripod and film themselves going through a printed out slide show, but train riders were acting like that’s stranger than a bunch of adults dressed as mermaids ride a train down to the Mermaid Parade. It’s New York.
  7. Eagle-eye viewers might notice the “secret” discontinued City Hall station in the background as I flip through the states.
  8. EGO!!!!!!
  9. I always wondered what other people meant why they said I had “marbles in my mouth” and how I was always asked to repeat myself on the telephone. Now I know why. And now I know that when it comes down to it, Steve Buscemi will always beat me in the VO auditions.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and if you like the project, please consider funding.


The greatest card trick you’ve ever seen, using my Pattern Playing Cards.

Thanks Mark for helping with the improvised tripod camera mount.